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My Yes List

I believe in dreaming big and wide. Saying yes is part of my search for experiences in life more than my drive to acquire things. And I want to start saying yes more often. This is a list of things that make me smile or happy thinking that I will do them in my life… They are in no particular order and I’ll be checking them off as I go 🙂

Inspired by the Mighty Life list

1. Have a photo session with my mom
2. Take my mom on a vacation
3. Drink Guinness in an Irish pub while singing Irish pub songs
4. Learn to tango at a milonga
5. Ride horses through NZ Lord of the Rings fields
6. Sit with the mountain gorillas in Uganda or Rwanda
7. Stomp grapes into wine
8. Go to Bali
9. Swim with dolphins
10. See the aurora borealis in Iceland after a soak in the Blue Lagoon and a horse ride
11. See a U2 Concert in Ireland
12. Have a photo exhibit and sell one photo
13. Write and publish a book
14. Do the week-long silent retreat
15. Get my scuba diving certification
16. Learn how to sail a boat
17. Run a marathon
18. Walk the Great Wall of China
19. Learn to accept a compliment
20. Have a library wall in my house
21. Learn how to samarai sword open a bottle of champagne
22. Catch lightning bugs
23. Ride the Trans-Siberian highway
24. See the white nights in St Petersburg
25. Learn to throw pottery
26. Eat at a Michelin starred restaurant
27. Make out at a drive in movie
28. Go outdoor rock climbing
29. Learn to blow glass
30. Learn how to tie a man’s tie
31. Take surfing classes in Hawaii
32. Ride the trains in India
33. Learn how to process black and white film
34. Visit Cuba and Iran
35. Hike an active volcano
36. Build a house with Habitat for Humanity
37. Photograph the palace and Buddhist life in Lhasa.
38. Go to Angkor Wat
39. Ring in the New Year on the Sydney Harbour – Happy New Year 2011 DONE!
40. Hold and pet a koala in Australia -Can’t hold them but I did pet one!- Thanks Al :))
41. Do a cross country US road trip
42. Fall madly in love
43. Give birth
44. Dance at Carnivale in Rio
45. Zipline in Belize or Costa Rica
46. Hold a book club at my house
47. Own a beach house or even shack of my own design 🙂
48. Learn how to change a flat tire
49. Go skinny dipping in the ocean
50. See the giant turtles at the Galapagos Islands
51. Pay off my student loans
52. Participate in La Tomatina
53. Learn how to make cheese (not just ricotta)
54. Trace my family trees/genealogy
55. Snow shoe and Dogsled in Alaska
56. Buy a ridiculously expensive pair of shoes/piece of clothing
57. Host a raclette party – Brooklyn Housewarming 2010
58. Take a meal to someone who is grieving
59. Host a Thanksgiving Dinner prepared in the kitchen with all the love and family in the room (served at Abuela’s kitchen table)
60. Listen to Jazz in a prohibition era venue
61. Have a photo gallery wall of all my photos
62. Take an architecture appreciation course
63. See at least 5-6 of the Frank Lloyd Wright Houses
64. Drive a Vespa in Italy
65. Have an op-ed published in the NYT
66. Take a knife skills course – 2010 at Natural Gourmet
67. Teach something
68. Live in Spain
69. Have a wonderful portrait that I love of myself taken
70. Take someone on a surprise trip
71. Get in the habit of hosting brunch
72. Dance at a disco with my girls till all hours of the morning in Ibiza (or the like of a party place)
73. Take ballroom dancing classes
74. Do 100 push ups and 10 pull ups
75. Meet penguins in Antarctica
76. Sleep in a yurt in Mongolia
77. Really learn about wine
78. Go on a luxe spa weekend
79. Turn my apartment into my home that is featured on Apartment Therapy
80. Go on a 6 month minimum round the world trip
81. Hike the Inca Trail to Sunrise and Sunset in Macchu Picchu
82. Go through the Brazilian Amazon
83. Have another border terrier
84. Attend Loy Krathong (Sky lantern festival in Thailand)
85. Eat a honey soaked dessert in a Syrian souk (Damascus and Aleppo) and travel through Lebanon
86. Hike into Petra (Jordan) and then float in the Dead Sea
87. Tell my father when I am 41 everything I have become since he died at 41
88. Snorkel the Great Barrier Reef – This was glorious and highly recommended 2011
89. Complete a triathlon
90. Endow a scholarship
91. Plant my own garden, which is not a container garden, (including peonies and berries)
92. Take an afternoon off and fly a kite
93. Go to a gala event in full regalia
94. Write my will
95. Celebrate Chinese New Year in Beijing
96. St. Patrick’s Day in Boston
97. Have a gin and tonic at the Algonquin Hotel, like Dorothy Parker
98. Reduce my stuff in a 50 item fling
99. See Savion Glover Tap Live Tapped straight off the list in 2011
100. Meet the chimps at Jane Goodall’s refuge (Gombe) in Tanzania


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