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Hi the legal bots tell me to cover my derriere so please read the below:

I am not personal trainer, registered dietitian, nurse, doctor or any other kind of certified expert. All information on this website is for educational, entertainment and resource purposes only. This blog is NOT a substitute for advice from medical professionals. Anything shared is based on my own experience and research. I am just telling MY story. Take all of it with a grain of salt and a large margarita. It is what works (and sometimes does not work) for ME. And it might not work for you; which is why YOU need to look at YOUR health and YOUR situation and if need be seek specific professional advice for YOU. Here it is ALL about ME (why yes I was an only child, why do you ask? :))

All content, unless otherwise specified, is original content copyrighted to and created by me. This applies especially to all photos and writing. I am pretty nice about sharing (despite that only child bit) so email and ask first. If in doubt, ASK. And ALWAYS attribute (see Creative Commons license). Don’t steal or I will send the ninjas after you. And thieves do not get drinks at the margarita machine I’ll be manning in Hell. Which is where web-trolls and thieves go to rot. Seriously don’t steal, it isn’t nice!

Any opinions in blog comments are the commenter’s and do not necessarily reflect my own views or opinions. And while I hope to foster a diversity of discussion and freedom of opinion… This blog is not a democracy and I reserve the right to moderate comments to ensure respect for racial, religious, personal, and political sensitivities.

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