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Me Moi Meme

Me Moi Meme

Hi there. Glad you are here! Put your feet up and stay a while. Also have a gin and tonic- it’s been a long day and we both deserve one.

Whooo! Look it is another blog, just what the internet needed.

Oh well, My name is Kayla (also known around the intarwebs by my childhood nickname Stinkerbell/ Tink). I am a cheeky lady in my early 30s, a young professional working in development for an international organisation and I currently live in Brooklyn. I have one God and it’s name is CHEESE! I am a random nomad who loves to travel (camera in hand), with often grammatically incorrect polyglot tendencies, a case of OOOOH PRETTY SHINY THINGS (I don’t have AD- is that a duck??) and a side of eccentric tastes. I deeply enjoy profanities, believe butter, bacon, ginger, and passionfruit make everything better, and I will happily argue with you on how pink is an ironic colour.

When I was little I had no fear. Then I grew up and got a dose of risk aversion sprinkled with “no” confetti… I spent years saying no and being selective about saying yes. But life isn’t a TV channel and I am no longer a toddler. Ever wonder what a life looks like? I did and I realized I’d best figure out what I wanted mine to look like and that this… Wasn’t it. So I am working to change that which isn’t fulfilling me, looking around for things that make me smile, feel genuine, and which remind me of how lucky I am… I want a fuller, well-rounded life; one with some passion, excitement and new experiences. So I am choosing to focus on stretching. I want to grow, I want to stop struggling and believe I am enough. I want to say yes to things in my life and live fearlessly. As in fearing less…

Life is full of surprises… And one thing I have learned as I start to stretch (pushing the limits since 1977!) is that I need goals like Hendricks Gin needs Q Tonic. Inadvertently, and possibly in an ill-advised attempt to get a life or find some balance, I signed up for my first half marathon and decided to start this blog. June 25, 2011 the weekend before my 34th birthday, I ran the Seattle Rock n Roll Half-Marathon and iDominated. And for some reason I seem to think I should say yes to lots of things, including running some more of these race things… So it’s time for self to meet some control and roll again! Which means I am working on getting my ninja skillz together to boost the ass-kicking speed by a notch or two, build up some muscle strength and maybe find a wee bit of a balance.

My goals are to a) not die; b) say yes and c) find my abs again.

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