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Generous Joy

July 7, 2011
Happy Tickets

Happy Tickets

I put this on my Yes List for a reason… because as a former dancer, dance makes my insides insanely happy (I have a bit of an obsession with So You Think You Can Dance, even if it does make me feel old because I used to dance with or take class from at least four of the choreographers on the show at the Edge Performing Arts Center, you know before they got *THIS* big, when I was in LA. Even if I am PEEVED that they cut Miranda- are you KIDDING ME?? Someone on that panel wouldn’t know talent if it hit them upside the head!). And unfortunately due to the former part of that sentence, I don’t tap into that intense joy as often as I should. Now in case you don’t “know” who Savion Glover is… Let me tell you, you have no idea what you are missing 🙂

So many of you actually do know of Savion without knowing him (yes, I can talk first person about him as over 16 years ago I took class with and from him :)). For the older people in the room you might have heard of Bring in da Noise, Bring in da Funk… That is Savion, and let me assure you he BRINGS IT! The rest of you probably know him as the sound for the movie Happy Feet. And I dare you to watch that Youtube Video of him and not be happy or at the least see Savion happy. Also Savion is one of the key dancers of the past 20 years I know of that not only made his own way in his genre- he defined it AND he pays it forward. He might be hotness with funk, but he is also one hell of an inspirational MAN.

Yes... I take illegal photos... Sometimes...

Yes... I take illegal photos... Sometimes...

Dance and sound are something I always have a hard time explaining to other people. I firmly believe we all relate to music differently. Sure music motivates many of us (I cannot for the LIFE OF ME imagine running without my music!), but for me as a dancer I don’t hear sound, I hear movement. I know that sounds odd, but that is what I hear. I have shared this with hoofer friends and they feel similarly, but hear sound in that movement- which is why they often have their eyes closed as they tap. And that alone right there is a feat that even my balance beam specialist self is impressed by.

It was an incredible show with Marshall Davis Jr. with over 1 and a half hours of  amaz-e-balls tapping where both of those men honoured tap and it’s legends, with their feet and the funk, heart, soul and sweat that they left on the boards. There are so many  adjectives that quite honestly do not do service to the joy and awe of the evening. Another one on the Yes List bites the dust 🙂

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