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July Goals

July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July to the US! And happy Monday to the rest of the world 🙂

Red White and Blue Deck

Red White and Blue Deck

After a few hectic weekends and 2 weeks of burning the candle at all ends, I have taken a slackers approach to this long holiday weekend. I tidied up in the house, I slept and I have done little all else 🙂 So for the 4th of July- this is my version of red white and blue. Reading on my Red kindle (I heart the Kindle and am currently reading the Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks). Drinking water from a blue beloved Camelback water bottles (I can’t bring myself to turn the AC on yet as it isn’t swamp like so my fan and water bottle suits me fine). And some thinking sitting in my white butterfly chair.

When I started writing this blog, it was mostly about getting me from the registration to the finish line of the Seattle Rock n Roll Half-Marathon. Moving from intention to action. I have previously written relatively successful niche blogs, but I had lost my voice somewhere along the way. Sure I loved going back and reading what I had written along the way, hearing how funny and witty I was (or so I think :)). And I knew I needed some of my voice back, so I tried to write my process and story for myself about my path to the half-marathon. But I kept it quiet because I wasn’t sure of myself. Let me just say: Self-doubt is an ugly monster! It led me to hold back and not dig in as much as I could have either.

There is Green in my Food!

There is Green in my Food! Ramp Pesto for Dinner Please 🙂

Interestingly the transformation in the process for my first half-marathon hasn’t been dramatic, but importantly I can feel the subtle shifts. I don’t weigh less or feel leaner, but I have more endurance and my legs are definitely stronger. I am reading more healthy living blogs (blogroll for my favorites). I want to make a genuine effort (not just talk about…) eating healthier. I am itching to train/run another half-marathon (yeah that one got me the most). And it has me taking photos again! What started out for “just running” that I did NOTHING to engage in a community with, I realised could be something more.

Back in January I felt a stirring and bought up a URL. Learning to Say At that point a lighting bolt had hit me up side the head and I recognised that most of my childhood had been framed by No. In a lovely, but ever so more than overbearing and slightly controlling family, it was the only way I got to have my way and have any power (have I ever told you how I am the youngest of 16 grandchildren…). As I have gotten older I have started to realise that I have more power in saying Yes. Sure I need to be thoughtful and selective, but Yes is much more positive and much more powerful in my life. So today I decided to say Yes. I did all the work to merge the old site to this one and I am actively going to be trying to join the community. And no still has it’s place… NO more half-assed! 🙂

I saw this on someone's blog, bought it. And all I am going to say is Passionfruit MY ASS...

I saw this, bought it... And all I am going to say is Passionfruit MY ASS

But I know myself… And if I am going to keep this up then I need new goals with some accountability. I have always been keen on starting my “resolutions” for any year at my birthday (which conveniently was a week ago) so time to kick it off simple and achieveably for July.

1. Sign up for my next half-marathon. I am currently considering the Hamptons Half since it is close and relatively cheapish. And one of my best friends said that a half-marathon was on her bucket list and she is interested in the Healdsburg Half in Northern CA wine country. Pick or sign up for both it doesn’t matter… I just need another race on the calendar ASAP before I loose steam 🙂

2. Eat more veggies. I don’t dislike vegetables, I just don’t ever crave them. It is like I have some kind of mind block around vegetables. I can convince myself to pay $10 for a plate of arugula with some balsamic and eat salad at a restaurant; but I can’t convince myself to buy a tub of arugula for $3 and make my own salad? LAMESAUCE! So I am going to aim to take a salad to work twice a week and try to make a Green Monster this month.

3. Time for strength training. In the training for my first half I relied on yoga twice a week for this along with my physical therapy. Bikram is great for the stretching and balance I know my muscles need for flexibility, but when it comes to strength it isn’t enough. And I just went to my last physical therapy appointment… My former gymnast and dancer body does not like sitting in a desk nor do my knees. However, since the desk job pays the bills, I need to get on building up some strength in that mostly muscle mass I seem to have (seriously how the hell was I only 18.4% body fat- I am still gobsmacked about that one)

I have four more days that I am targeting for inflammation reduction (with acupuncture tomorrow) to see if I can’t kick any and all runners knee twinges to the curb. But I think I might be up for a brisk walk, some salad, with whatever else Tuesday has in store for me tomorrow. And if anyone out there is reading this yet… let me know if you have any goals for July too 🙂

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