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Hitting the Restart Button

June 5, 2011

So ummm hi there… Turns out I am not as good as I hoped I would be about le blogging. But as I am now in the final stretch to the Seattle Rock n’ Roll Half-Marathon, I figure it is now or never to try this again! 🙂

Training Schedule V 2.0

Training Schedule V 2.0 Before I got all "Flexible" With Things...

I don’t know that I believe I have made it this far.  Not that I thought I wouldn’t do it, but I would be lying if I said it didn’t surprise me. Three months into my four months of half marathon training and the rollercoaster continues. I kept to my schedule RELIGIOUSLY for the first month. In the second month I made schedule version 2.0 and more or less got in all the workouts planned but had to shuffle things around. During month three I traveled and more or less ditched my training calendar. I had a whole week in there (last week actually) where I didn’t do a damn thing. And next up the unknown of month four and Race Day!

I call it erratic running training (ERT- trademark pending). Not necessarily the best approach, but after a week of doing no intentional training activities… I dragged my ass out anyways and ran my long run today. It was my first double digit run- 10 miles. I feel like I have taken hallucinogenic or psychotropic drugs each time I say that. I was never the distance girl, I was always a sprinter. Now I am the tortoise not the hare…

Post-Run with My Guns Aimed at the Finish Line

Post-Run with My Guns Aimed at the Finish Line

So while my run it was slow, it also is only 3.1 short of my half marathon! Sure there were plenty of points where I was *THIS* close to saying I should make this a shorter run. My thunderthighs took everything I had in me to heave them step by step, there were a few moments where I was nauseous (a first), oh how the mileage was S-L-O-W to move and towards the end I gave up any race against the clock idea to run shorter intervals and focus on finishing because did I mention, my legs were no longer interested in this run??

Thank the gods I am born of a great lineage of impressively stubborn and thick-skulled people. I said it was 10 miles I was running before I started the run and by the love of all that is holey and the baby Cheesus… I ran my 10 miles! While I might not have gotten that energetic runners high yet, I do have that SCREW YOU KNEE AND DEADWEIGHT BUTTCHEEKS victory face planted on my pucker 🙂

More importantly despite my worst fears about falling off horses and rolling down a hill so inevitably fast that I would be cracked up with Humpty Dumpty down there… I have learned how to get myself back on the rails and rolling. Not always easy for sure, but it is a simple enough thing to do. I do it one day at a time, committing to that day, that activity, and that moment from the moment I start of just getting shit done. That is how I do this…


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